Friday, 27 June 2008

food update

after a few days of nomming things, i have made everything we have managed to get rid of dark blue...

in the fridge:

about a pint of milk
sweet chilli sauce
bbq sauce
sweetcorn and cucumber (soon to be gone)
some seafood ready meal
loads of tinned mackerel (wtf is that doing in the fridge anyway?)
2 dairylea triangles
2 small servings of breakfast pasta
4 fajita wraps
curry pastes

in the freezer:
1/2 bag frozen sweetcorn
bag of veggie mince
chicken fillets
tub of sugarfree lemon sorbet
2 saltana scones
a peshwari naan
a little bit of ben and jerrys cookie dough
2 veggie springrolls
1/2 a loaf of bread

dry food wise:
infinite spices
soy sauce, cooking oils, vinegar, etc
plain and self raising flour
sugar (normal and fruit)
about 27 portions of stuffing! (now about 10 left!)
teeny bit of pasta
sunflower seeds (might chuck these or plant em lol never know, them growing seems a bit more likely than us eating them!)
a tin of pineapple
a pasta ready packet thing (mushroom flavour)
4 apples
6 onions (now 2!)
and about 6 pot noodles (now 2!)

stay tuned for more updates!!!

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