Friday, 27 June 2008

dreams dreams!

so i am in town, or so i think, it could be many towns, it's grassy in an artificial way, like posh bits of london, the country mall is there, and so is asda, it could also be cambridge, if it wanted to be. anyway, fact is, i've parked the van somewehere illegal, just cuz i had to quickly and i can't remember what i was doing, but i've lost the van. the van is purple, wicked looking thing, in fact, if my phone was a van, it would look like this van.

cleverly, i've left my hair straigteners on in the van, so i'm thinking the vans been towed, stolen or i've just burnt it down with my a conbination of vainity and forgetfullness. neither of which are attractive qualities of mine.

now i am running around looking for the van, and as is the way when i am on the verge of being waking up, i begin to apply logic to my dreams, i try to cheat. i know it's a dream, our car is silver, and i reason that my mind has just made this cool van out of my phone! wicked! i summon it back again, but i'm not that bothered, its not real. so i run, i run for miles, i cover ground quickly like i have those cool robotic trousers that TXs little man had in the video he made and i watched yesterday.

d sends me a googledoc about what i am to tell the police about the loss of the van. logic starts to seep in and i realise i haven't paid for web browsing on my phone and it ought not to be enabled, but i go with it, stranger things have happend.

i get some ice cream, but i cant eat it, cuz now i am awake, and slightly drunk still. it's 2.30 am, i can't run so fast, the car is silver and web browsing is not enabled on my phone.

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Anonymous said...

ROFL that's brilliant. drunk dreams :D