Monday, 23 June 2008

at risk of being seen as obsessed and or militant...

... i bring you...

tips for workplace survival, as swiped from Jezebel:

"Don't try to seem important. The other person's prime concern is his own importance. Your charm rating rises in proportion to your ability to lift his feelings of importance. Give him a good opinion of your heart and he'll automatically have a high opinion of your mind." (pg. 271) "

"Allow the employer to lead the interview conversation as much as possible. Girls who talk too much, are too self-assertive, or who force their personality into the interview too strongly usually are ushered out rather fast." (pg. 289)

"Not only the big brass and the board of directors are concerned about employees making a good impression, but your own particular boss is also mighty interested. Your good grooming is evidence that he knows how to pick a smart girl—that he's a pretty clever fellow. (pg.137)"

"During your menstrual period it is more important than ever to guard your daintiness." (pg. 139)"

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