Friday, 27 June 2008

chat up

so a guy comes up to me and my friend tonight

he says: hey, i am stuck in between 2 rly boring conversations right now
*we nod*
Dude: and i notice you are having a conversation
(we are, about something political)
Dude: so can i join in?
*we look blankly at him*
Dude: so how old are you both?
Me: omg you shouldn't go around just asking ladies their age, and butting into peoples conversations! how rude are you?
he splutters and sways a bit
My Cool Friend: no, sorry, you can't talk with us
Dude: Oh it's like that is it?
Us: Yes, yes it is!

where do men learn their chat up lines these days anyway? ph41l!


Anonymous said...

rofl, what a tool!

cutee_pi said...

He sounds like a bit of a twat . . no self-respecting woman is going to admit to her age right away lol.