Tuesday, 20 May 2008

emo march / the black parade?

ok so i found this on perezz hilton, i can't help it, that site is like looking at something you *know is wrong* but you kinda need to look.


"On May 31st, fans of super Emo group My Chemical Romance are planning to march across London to protest what they consider to be the unfair depiction of the band in the British media.

The march will start at Hyde Park's West Pond and end outside the offices of The Daily Mail, who organizers call the 'worst' offender in the media.

The newspaper recently anointed My Chemical Romance a 'suicide cult' band in its reports covering the suicide of a 13-year old British girl named Hannah Bond.

Three hundred fans are reportedly confirmed to march."

Go emos!! Nice to know that the kids stand up for themselves!

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