Tuesday, 20 May 2008


so MPs are having a free vote on abortion this evening.

lets get a few stats in.

unless something changes in our biology:

520 of the total 645 MPs in the house of commons, will never become pregnant.

What is the average age of an MP?
Following the general election of 2005, the average age of an MP was 50.6

so, also, considering this:

"The menopause is the name given to the end of menstruation (periods). It is also sometimes referred to as 'the change of life'. In the UK, the average age for a woman to reach the menopause is 52."

it might be a safe bet to suggest that it is unlikely any MP is going to fall pregnant anytime soon, or ever. (edit: i have been reminded, quite rightly, that these older lady MPs may have had abortions in the past)

also, with an annual salary of
£61,820 (as of 1 November 2007), the financial hardship of child bearing may be more difficult to comprehend. financial independence is a luxurious position from which to make moral decisions on behalf of others.

I sincerely hope that i am being judgmental here, and that these factors which might give MPs a safe distance from the realities of this issue (which are not the same for every person) do not prevent MPs voting in line with what their constituents deserve.

Luckily, at time of writing, nearly 400 MPs have voted against lowering the abortion limit to 12 weeks. frighteningly, 71 had voted for it.

I will write more on this another day, but the beeb comentator suggested that MPs are leaning towards the more liberal ideas. am i now so liberal that i see what others describe as 'liberal' as 'the very baseline of reasonable' ??

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