Thursday, 22 May 2008

taking teh bizkit (urgh, not limp bizkit they are banned from this blog and my life for being so painfully... painful)

the oreo: not that great!

I personally have had a sort of obsession with oreos since watching 'the parent trap' in which Lindsay Lohan plays *both* twins, and i am impressed by this feat of acting by a child! anyway, when the twins are being punished for fighting each other by being put in the naughty hut at summer camp (another thing americans can please keep for the sake of the children!!) LiLo says to her sister LiLo that she really likes oreos, and that she likes them with peanut butter, which other people find gross.

Now i LOVED peanut butter as a kid (who am i kidding, until i was 20 and i'm still a bit partial to it now!) and i really wanted to try these biscuits that went SO WELL with peanut butter. y'know what? they aren't even that great!!! :-O

so america, you can keep ur oreos if u like, they don't go well with peanut butter (tho jam does i'll give you that), and i don't know if you (y'all?) knew this, but when it comes to biscuits (NOT COOKIES!!) which involves some creamy stuff in the middle, we've had that going on for EVER here, in the form of the true british classics, the custard cream:
the chocolate bourbon cream:

and the legendary jammy dodger:

FYI, this is a cookie, a cookie is a *type* of biscuit (ur doin it rong!)

*disclaimer - the british probably stole these biscuits back when they were making life shite for a 3rd of the world, but they are actually ours not and i think these bics have as good a chance as anything of being something that started out here!

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