Tuesday, 20 May 2008

bikini bum

so recently i got a new bikini, it's a gorgeous sky blue colour, really lovely and i can't say much more than that really! it fits perfectly and is very cool looking. i wish for an excuse to wear it, like nice weather (ahem!!! mother nature!!) days off (ahem!! employers!!) - and no the bank holiday is not a blessing for me, as i am one of those people that works pretty much any hour other people are not working, for better or worse, the beach, again.. day off + weather!! and a spa trip (ahem, miss snowmantle!!)

anyway, what i wanted to share with you this evening was a piece of writing i found over on shapely prose. i probably spelled that wrong but ur probably all used to that by now if you read this.

it's a parody of something you might have read recently if you ever go near *generic beauty magazine* you know the whole 'get that bikini body in 10 days/this new starvation method/a million squats/major surgery! you too can look like our cover model even if you do not otherwise look anything like her!!!

anyway, this post is a mind workout. seems a bit long winded to me but then i remembered the years i spent trying to convince lifeguards that my t shirt was indeed swimwear, and my board shorts were also necessary, and without them, i was not going to leave the changing room.

these days, i tend to let the flab run free and untamed lol, because it's mine and i don't want to waste another day worrying about stupid little things, when i could be worrying about stuff that actually matters, like what colour to paint my nails... erm.

but enough babble, here it is:


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