Sunday, 30 March 2008

Biting the Belt

This is quite a lame post, so if you were after something amazing and insightful... er.. well that's never been what goes on on this blog so go somewhere else...

Anyhoo, it's been about a thousand years since the world started wearing massive belts around their hips, you know, the ones that don't actually hold up ur trousers, but just chill atop ur top looking snazz...
now i never went for these, basically cuz i don't like my waist, and i'm not buying into anything that attracts attention to my squidgy tummy. noooo waaaay but t'other day in ippers avec le snowmantelle, i found a big ol' belt in primark and it was £3 and i thought... whatever - it's only £3 and i might really be able to do something cool with it... ho hum... so i got it home and i have to say, I LOVE IT! one of the best purchases i have ever made (and i've made some good purchases in my time... it does a fab job of um... hiding the muffin topness that happens every time i eat (i love eating) and giving me a bit of shape! impressed.. what the hell took me so long? It's pretty cool though to just.. go for it and get something good out of it!

Can i haz blackbelt?

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