Monday, 9 February 2009

a post about a roast i love the most.

i made a roast yesterday, for the first time in ages, and the first time since we moved. it was a chicken and i am told it was nice (this isn't an 'i am told i am cute and hugable' type thing, i didn't eat any myself u c) it was yummy, and (gross) my hands still smell of the 3 garlic bulbs that were peeled and added to various bits of roastyness. since making the roast, the leftovers are now becoming a seris of roast-themed meals, like roast sandwiches, roasty toasies, um, roast potato for breakfast and now, roast veg couscous made with chicken stock.. i feel like that stupid hugh guy with the chicken thing, trying to make as many meals as poss out of one roast dinner... stay tuned for potential updates lol

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