Sunday, 1 February 2009


it's been ages since i did a cooking related post, and since i am too brain dead to write much else tonight, here's what i cooked


i call it sweet potato-onion surprise.

we had a big ol' bunch of onions (which was the style at the time)
a load of sweet potatoes we hadn't used up due to the fact that they are long to prepare
and um, no rice! argh! so.. some... couscous

i boiled the sweet pots for a little while (boiling them too much results in sweet potato mash, it makes mash whether u want it or not so u have to keep an eye on the little fiends) and fried the onions and some frozen peppers i found with a whole bunch of spices, mostly tumeric and chilli powder so it was lovely dark orange-y and a big squidge of garlic paste then i made some couscous and bunged that in too. it was really nice, if a little bit 0niony lol but srsly, bargainous way to use up stuff.

in other news, the reason i am using up stuff is cuz teh mello will be coming to stay on weds and i figured i'd take her f00d shopping so we can get stuff she actually likes.

i bet she is really excited about this lol... i know how 2 show my friends a good time! supermarkets!! wooo!

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Anonymous said...

lol w00p we're going to have so much fun! i might be bringing some fruit with me because i accidentally bought loads... but we'll see, it may not fit in my backpack(s)