Monday, 23 February 2009

feed ur family for a 5er :-P

get 4 cans of value tinned tomatoes = £1
tin of value sweetcorn = 22p
half a bag of pasta =20p
some garlic = 34p
spoonful of chilli powder = nothingp
big spoon of thai green curry paste = 20p

put in big pan all together now
wait 25 minutes.

i reckon u could get about 8 meals out of this... it's yummy and just over £2..


the happy snapper said...

so basically you could've got 40 meals instead of one Amore. annoying!

mintspy said...

nah, more, that little lot comes to about £2 lol and it's GOOD srsly it was (and still is in my fridge) lovely. u shud make 1.. it's nice cold / hot/ with salad etc