Monday, 9 February 2009


there has been a '25 things about me' thing circulating on faysbooque lately, and it's got me thinking on the nature of friends, and who calls who a friend. teh swede is quite strict with his definition of a 'friend' and therefore keeps his list of true friends short n sweet. i have more than 1 type of friend,

1. teh best friends - there are a few of these, but basically these are people who (i hope) i will always keep in touch with, ones who have forgiven me over and over again for being a nob, having a bad day, sulking and saying/doing downright stupid things. these also include family. all the positive things said below apply to these friends.

2. teh best good friends - there are a few more of these, basically people who i keep in touch with, always think are lovely happy people, will always be happy to hear about and expect to see at least a few times a year (lol i know that doesn't sound like much, but is all stupidlong distances involved, and i think that good friends don't have to live in the same town as you to be good friends)

3. old friends - people who i will always respect and admire and wish the best for, perhaps at more of a distance, i may never see them again in my life (dramaz) but when i think of them i smile and i always thinks of them as good people, hoping they are happy in their lives. facebook usually lets me know this and i smile.

4. friends of friends who i am incredibly grateful for and i think are great - these include the friends, partners and family of good friends, basically, all the people that make the people i am friends with happy i feel are great by extension lol

it's complicated!

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