Sunday, 15 March 2009

time to play the worlds tiniest violin for this guy...

basically, this guy marries his g/f of 5 years, who then announces she wants a kid (he didn't think she did, he never wanted kids) so they argue about it, and have a kid anyway. when the little girl arrives, he gets pissed off that she has put on weight and is no longer attactive to him, and spends her time learning how to raise the kid, so he does the constructive thing and starts sleeping with someone else, who has no kids. the same deal happens again, mistress asks for marriage and child, he doesn't want to but does anyway, and then she becomes a mother and not a 'sex kitten'.;. alas!

conclusion: no one likes him, his kids don't like him, he's on his own and its not his fault women lie... erm... unlucky?

but srsly, this thing is worth reading thru for the sheer number of awesomely stupid things this guy comes out with...

My first wife, Frances, was a classy, stunning woman. In the macho world of medicine, she was as capable and ambitious as any man.

so she has the baby and dedicates a lot of time to looking after it:

I couldn’t help feeling short-changed. By now she was overweight and unfit and didn’t care about the way she looked. Her entire life was centred on organic baby food and playgroups.

perhaps because he didn't bother to help out on this?

It’s ironic, when being sexy and attractive is what got them pregnant in the first place. And it’s not only Frances who’s become a boring frump — it’s depressingly common to see clever, attractive women become parenting bores. You can spot them at parties, in baggy clothes and making no effort to be interesting to men.

then he's having an affair, but that's alright because:

I took home champagne and flowers, bought her jewellery and perfume.

(no mention yet of him helping to look after the baby..)

so he tells Frances about the affair, and she is "surprisingly upset"

Ten years after leaving Frances for Maria, I wonder why I bothered. Frances is still frosty with me and I have a horrible feeling that my daughter Anna doesn’t actually like me very much. And Maria? Nine months ago, after giving birth to my second daughter, Sarah, she has turned into another version of Frances, obsessed with motherhood in just the same way.

oh diddums!!!

so after cheating, having children he didn't want, but deliberately impregnating the women anyway, an affair and a whole word of hate for the mothers of his kids, he concludes with this:

I can’t believe how naive I’ve been. I don’t know how long Maria and I will last, but I know one thing: from now on, I’m putting myself first. I’ll never trust a woman again, no matter what they promise.



Anonymous said...

omg what an asshole. because he never put himself first after all! selfish AND shallow... how on earth did he managed to get 2 women to marry him?!

mintspy said...

i have absolutely NO idea! if he didn't want kids he should never have had them, and if a kid comes and *shock horror* ur wife can't dedicate her entire day to maintaining an appearance you like, either appreciate her for what she is or help her out! don't go around having stupid affairs!! i just love that he ended it with a rant about *women* lying...