Sunday, 15 March 2009

in which i decide i don't like 'avril lavigne'

this musical talent has been annoying me for some time now, but i'm only just bored enough to share why.

i guess it all started in the video to 'complicated', in which our hero suggests that her gang of young menfolks 'go trash the mall' and they proceed to generally make a big fecking mess of a shopping centre where you know full well there are a bunch of LOSERS doing their job/ killing the funs by being pissed off that this gang of rich kiddlings are delieratly causing a load more work for them by knocking shit over, running away and laughing. and then the kids go hang around at the skate park whilst these shop workers probably get home later than planned cuz they had to stay late and unpaid cleaning up whilst their kids wait for dinner etc etc

yeh ok, it's just a flippin music video, worse (MUCH worse) happens in music vids, maybe i'm just gettin old (the thought has crossed my mind before) but tbh, this sort of crap is not fair on teens either. i mean, it doesn't exactly unpick that general opinion i've heard a few times before that kids are troublemakers /uncaring assholes, and i betcha that a lot of teens, if they tried to pull that level of public nuisance would end up ASBO'd, charged with theft/criminal damage/whatever, not cool!

anyway i've already written far too much about this, but at some point i'm pretty sure i have a rant somewhere about skater boi (however u wanna spell it) and the joy that avril has that her b/fs ex is 'feeding the baby all alone' -- i mean srsly, just because she turned a guy down she deserves to be all alone? and where did this baby come from? is it his? what the hell is he doin ditching her to go rockin up MTV!! take some responsibilty!! and avril, pls STFU


the happy snapper said...

LOL this is about 10 years too late :p

mintspy said...

better late than never... :-P