Thursday, 4 December 2008

today in 'things that annoy me'

dear magazine 'doctor'

i went to bed last night in my nice warm pjs, cosy socks and ear muffs as it was really really cold. my husband shouted at me, saying i'm not the woman he married 10 years ago. he's usually quite nice really. what shall i do?

dear worried lady

obviously you aren't the person he married, and he has probably been annoyed about this for quite some time, hence the sudden outburst. i can only advise you to sort it out. remember your sole duty is to please him, and this is all your fault/

um... fail

dear completly normal person

is your husband having a bit of a crisis? or has he only just realised after 10 years, that, like himself, you are a human who wears comfy warm things when cold, and is not there soley for his amusement? perhaps you should talk to him about what is actually annoying him before you both take it out on ur pjs.

love mince.

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