Monday, 18 August 2008

it's been 10 days!

since my last update, which really is terrible. what can i say?

firstly, that i have been watching the olympics, and have been amazed by the synchronised diving, the swimming, the gymnastics, loads of things actually i am so impressed by it all!

secondly, that i am going through one of those times where i am just not impressed by a whole bunch of stuff and hardly have the energy to do anything about it. there is an online idiot who seems to take delight in sapping the life out of me and coming out with utter shite over and over again and to some extent i really would love to just launch into an enormous rant about how pointless and silly a person they are... but i am my mothers daughter, i would rather attack the ideas and the actions of people than the people themselves. which is an altogether much longer and more difficult task not worthy of my time or effort. i have blogs to nurture!

thirdly, i have been getting around a bit, it has been lovely being able to travel so much these past few years, i get such itchy feet if i stay in this town too long. a friend said to me last week that she would like to move northwards, as this town is a wannabe london, everyone is so self involved, self important and constantly rushing around - forgetting to stop and look at what is really beautiful in life/hippy. The south east of england, barring london, wants to be london but gets it wrong. it has eternal short man syndrome, in which it's always trying to prove itself to be the big man, and always falling depressingly short...

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