Thursday, 30 December 2010

2010 in stuff I did.

January: I am employable. After 15 months of wondering what to do with myself, I finally found myself to be capable of administration. Excellent discovery. I am not smoking.

February: I am content. I draw, paint, cook, eat drink and am merry. I like life.

March: I am experimenting. I lost my hair, I painted my nails, Islands, Dragons, Sunshine. I drew.

April: I am tired. I can't do everything. I can't work full time, part time and relief. I gave up on youth club work.

May: I am restless. I need to move. I applied for another job. We went to Devon, I thought about giving up.

June: I am moving. I got the job, friends moved away, I turned another year older, and we got engaged.

July: I am travelling, Oxford, Home, Home, I saw my family, I found my wedding dress, but I wont know it yet.

August: I am exhausted. We moved house, I became ill. I am stress. I need sleep. I am cross.

September: I am involved. We're planning a wedding. I'm working late. Work is less important, but still we take a trip to forget. I take on a new challenge.

October: I am celebrating. I am the hen. I see old friends and new and am recharged, defiant. This month lasts forever. I am upbeat.

November. I changed my mind. I am in blue. I am married. I am on honeymoon, I changed my mind. I am back to reality. I am contemplative. I missed a boat. I changed my mind.

December. I am waiting. I am impatient. I am home. I am away. I am wondering where I will go next. I am wondering where I am supposed to be.

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