Monday, 23 August 2010

facebook, uni, old people.

when i started at uni, as far ago as 2004, i looked online for forums of new students. i 'met' a good few people on there, some i'm still in touch with, others i know as people who also take up space on forums and non-facebook interspace.

it wasn't until 2006 i hit the book of face, it was, to me, 'dull as a box of hair' in those days. in many many ways, it still is. no matter how lively it gets, it doesn't beat a good forum thread... also its just so.. serious! i miss in a lot of ways the relative anonymity of forums and blogs. this is the first point at which i feel like i'm growing old...

from the age of about 12/13, i've had a mobile phone. since then, i've always wondered how people met up with each other or arranged anything before such devices existed. i was interested in the common sense approaches of those only a little older than me. 'we just rang each other at home and said we'd be at a place at a time and then we just were there and so was the other person...' pah! what if you were running late? the other person waited...


i went to uni before facebook existed. (for me)

there will be people out there, with the same curiosity i had about pre-mobile phone yoofs, about me, a pre social networking student.

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